What is SimilarDeals?

Access to the lowest prices

You are searching for the best prices on the internet? You have come to the right place. SimilarDeals offers the most comprehensive shopping experience on the web. It grants you access to the lowest prices for tens of thousands of online shops worldwide.

Pay less, save money

SimilarDeals is the all-round solution to smart online shopping! The SimilarDeals extension, offers everything you need to save money shopping online. SimilarDeals operates in 13 countries and is available for Firefox and Chrome.

100% Secure

SimilarDeals is very safe! SimilarDeals doesn't collect any of your personal identification information like names, addresses or payment details.

How does it work?

The fully automated price comparison extension identifies products via complex algorithms and compares product prices in real-time with our own database. This guarantees exact product matching and valuable price alternatives which results in high click-through rates and a huge and steadily growing user base. If SimilarDeals finds the same product at a better price, we will notify you immediately with an unintrusive banner underneath your address bar. The price alternatives include the shipping fee, so you'll know right away where to get the best price right away.

Why choose SimilarDeals?

SimilarDeals helps you to have the ultimate hassle -free shopping experience. It’s handy, up to date and secure.

SimilarDeals is totally free and always shows you the best prices on millions of products.

SimilarDeals is safe and secure. SimilarDeals doesn't collect any of your personal identification information.

SimilarDeals is available for tens of thousands of online shops worldwide. No matter what you are searching for – SimilarDeals will find the best prices.


James Petersen

I have seen similar tools before, but I like this one. The way it compares the prices of the product is very handy. I find it extremely useful.

Yuri Bykov

What I like about the SimilarDeals add-on is that it shows you the relevant comparative and competitive product prices on the product page on which you are shopping and shows competitive retailer prices and links. I think it is very useful and I also recommend this add-on to my friends and colleagues also.

Leslie Miller

Wow. This add-on is really very useful to me. I often shop online and I like to know about the latest deals. I found this add-on to be very helpful.